About Us


Founded in 2001 by Sandra Meyer, Ella Scott Design, LLC is a Bethesda, Maryland high end interior design firm serving the Washington, DC area.  We are passionate about pushing the lines between design styles to create an interior that is interesting because it is not straightforward.  We see every project as different and the clients as the influencer, however what we bring to our clients is a cohesive collaboration of style and aesthetic that melds a collective vision.  It is important to us to fulfill our clients wishes for their homes by taking into account their likes and desire to achieve a certain look.  However, we feel it is our job to push our clients a little outside of their comfort zone to create a home they can grow into and one that stands the test of time.

Our Team

Dana Wright

Director of Operations

Roshni Lelinwalla

Project Manager / Interior Designer

Melanie Hansen

Sr. Interior Designer

Pamela Basanez

Sr. Interior Designer

Ledet Amare

Jr. Interior Designer

Mariana Miranda

Design Assistant


Head of Office Security